Baseus Dual lightning Adapter for Apple iPhone iPad




Product Description :

  • Brand:Baseus
  • Product Model:Baseus L36
  • Material:ABS+TPE.
  • Color:Black,White.
  • Charging current:2.1A.
  • Suitable system:iOS 10.0~10.3
  • Suitable equipment:iPhone series products.
  • Attaches products:Warranty card*1.
  • Cable length:120mm
  • Notice:it is not available for two earphones or two chargers or connect two computers using at the same time.
    Please NOTE:
    1.Before using,the adapter should be connected to the earphone and cable and then connected to the mobile phone.
    2.However you can replug the iPhone male interface to iPhone interface if the earphone lose the sound when you replug the earphone during the using time.
    1.i7 Charging/transferring data  + Listen to misic/Calling
    1.4 in 1 function design for the 1.5A charging or teansferring data for iPhone 7 and connect the iPhone earphone for listening to music or calling at the same time.
    2.Small & Easy to carry
    The product only 8g that easily achieve the functiong of charging/listening to music/calling,it’s small multifunctionan and portable.
    3.High fidelity sound quality
    The built-in decoding chip enables fast reansferring of mobile phone audio data.listen to muisc smoothly,calling clearly.
    4.Durable and not easy to break.
    Durable material is not easy o break,it is made for flexible TPE material to protect the wire core.img_410919875358_1658434880855903_5380589982056643891_n19748561_1658434990855892_7168421860186449448_n19702085_1658434877522570_7330080349695105580_n19657385_1658434824189242_6713148143647302164_n

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Black, White


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